7-Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Site for Free

Increasing traffic to your site for free is easier than you may think, once you know the little secrets successful website owners employ.

This article presents seven tips you can use to easily increase traffic to your site at no cost.

  1. Create a Discussion Board or Forum – One tip you can use to easily increase traffic to your blog or website for free, is to create a discussion board or forum. Invite people to join and get involved in your forum. This will not only generate traffic to your site for free, all the posts in your forum will help improve your search engines position; thus increasing traffic to your site. Also, the people who visit your forum will also visit your website; therefore driving more traffic to your blog or website.
  2. Start an Ezine – Offer a free ezine and encourage people to subscribe. When people subscribe, they will provide their first name and email address. If you use Aweber to deliver your ezine, as I do, it increases your brand image awareness since your website URL and domain email address is included in your e-zine.
  3. Ask Visitors to Bookmark Your Site — If you post high-quality content on your blog consistently, this causes people to spend more time at your site reading. Once you have established yourself as the “go to” person on a subject, this increases the chances of them bookmarking your site to return again, and again. It also encourages word-of-mouth advertising, since they will feel comfortable recommending your site to others
  4. Give Away FREE Content — By giving free content to your site visitors and other webmasters to use on their own web site or in their e-zine (including your resource box) you are essentially advertising your website through their web sites. Additionally, allow your site visitors to give away your “freebies” – ebooks, reports, etc. – which include your sites URL, thus multiplying your traffic.
  5. Install a Guest Book – This is one technique that has fallen by the wayside over the years, and that is to add a guest book at your site. When people sign your guestbook they usually give you valuable feedback that helps you to improve your site content and offerings. This, too, helps you increase traffic to your site for free, simply by providing more useful information to your readers.
  6. Offer an Affiliate Program – With hundreds of affiliates promoting your site you can increase traffic to your site exponentially. It’s called the “doubling” effect. In other words, what you can do on your own is doubled each time an affiliate joins your program. And since you don’t pay your affiliates unless sales are made, then the traffic you receive doesn’t cost you anything up front. This, too, is a very effective way of increasing traffic to your website for free.
  7. Give Testimonials/Product Reviews – This is perhaps the easiest way to generate more traffic to your sites, and that is to simply give testimonials and product reviews – which include your website URL – to high traffic websites. By having a testimonial on a site that receives thousands of visitors, you are not only getting more traffic to your site, but free publicity as well.

These seven tips have been proven to work at increasing traffic to your website for free. Use these secrets as outlined above to easily generate high volumes of traffic to your website and boost your online profits.

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    Unfortunately, there will always be people creating fake contests and other gimmicks in their efforts at increasing traffic to their site for free. Let me encourage you to not buy into these, but instead, focus on using the quality of your content to drive traffic to your site.

    Fads, gimmicks, tricks or whatever the latest “goo-roo” wants to call their secret for driving traffic come and go. However, content is and always will be the driving force behind long-term traffic strategy.

    Be good to yourself,


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